So you want to get into Real Estate Property Investment

…but you don’t want to lose money every month
with negative gearing

 You have heard the horror stories of investors
falling into financial disaster with their
negatively geared property investments.

 News reports say that negative gearing tax benefits
may not be here to stay

Do you want to invest in real estate property, but want to avoid the pitfalls of negative gearing?

Do you want to make positive cash flow every month from Day 1 ?
Do you want to make investments built on the sound foundation of the Australian property market?

Then we might be able to show you how to –

Stop the Stalling and Start the Growth!


Negative gearing – what does it really mean?

Negative gearing in real estate property investment means that you invest in a property, hoping that it will increase in capital value over the long term, and give you a profit in the end.

Sounds reasonable so far –

But with negative gearing, your outgoings – mortgage, maintenance, managing agents fees, insurances, etc, exceed the income – rent … usually by a lot!

Lets just say that again:

With negative gearing, your outgoings exceed your income –
usually by a lot …

You are losing money every month!

So you accept this monthly loss as the cost of making the long-term profit.  But what you accountant forgot to tell you was that there is no guarantee of capital gain – in Australia it has always happened (except the last few years) but the actual amount varies – and there is no guarantee of stable mortgage payments (interest rates will not always stay low).

For most investors, the average loss per property (even after the tax benefits) amounts to about $5,000 per year.  And this needs to be balanced out by the eventual capital gain before you make any profit at all.

For many property investors using negative gearing, their 20 year profit has actually ended up being less than if they had simply put the money in the bank and earned the bank interest …

Even worse – particularly in the years following the GFC – there are many who have actually lost everything!

They have been losing too much money, every month for too long, and when property values dropped, and financial times became hard, they could no longer pay the mortgages, and selling the real estate didn’t even cover the mortgages.

Finally, you have heard about the McKell Institute report recommending that the Australian and State governments remove the tax incentives for negative gearing, and that will only make things worse for investors (Why would you invest under these circumstances?) …

This is why many potential investors are nervous about getting started.

You want to invest in real estate property
to make money, not to lose it!

This is where we come in …
You don’t need to hold back any longer – it truly is time to ‘Start the Growth’!

At Your Positive Geared Property, we believe in investing in real estate in a way that produces positive cash flow every month.

We do this with appropriate contracts over the right type of property which allows us to provide a defined and guaranteed capital gain, within three to five years, and monthly income along the way.

We are also interested in making sure that the vendors are happy, so the vendor is paid a fair price, the investor is paid a monthly income, and the occupant gets a fair deal.

So, if you want –

  • Guaranteed capital gain
  • Monthly positive cash flow
  • Peace of mind in your investment

– then contact us, and find out how we can help you.


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